Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What You Can Outsource Aside From Your Call Center

One cannot discount the tremendous impact of outsourcing to businesses – both to companies who outsource and to those who provide the services. This impact is seen in the steady increase of the number of companies who offer these business solutions as well as the scope of their services. With the advent of globalization and the Internet, this has become even more prevalent.

The boom of the call center industry resulted in reduced operation costs for corporations, and great employment opportunities for countries that offer these services. The call center outsourcing companies that sprouted like mushrooms to cater to these needs faced tough competition with each other. The increasing demand for high quality services and outputs pushed service providers to offer additional packages with each contract. This marked the advent of a shift in outsourcing services – this time focusing in Business Process Outsourcing or BPO.

BPO services offered today range from back-office processes to entire business lines. These processes include logistics, human resource management and recruitment, payroll and compensation, e-commerce and marketing, accounting and tax management, procurement, consumer surveys, and even consultancy services. With a focus in these processes, the attractiveness of outsourcing increases since regardless of the industry, whether it involves finance or mortgage or healthcare, these processes are central to ensuring smooth operations.

Outsourcing is relevant and most beneficial to companies that either plan to expand their operations, lower their costs in terms of purchase and recruitment, or are launching a new mission-critical project. It allows them to focus in these priorities, as well as other core business areas like market research and product innovation with the knowledge that their consumer and employee services are well taken care of. In the long-run, dealing with BPO providers gives these companies the best practice workflows and processes that are sure to significantly aid in any future restructuring plans.

More and more companies are seeing the benefits of outsourcing to leverage their global competitiveness. One of the most prevalent benefits is reduced operational, technical and infrastructure costs. With technology evolving faster than companies can adapt, outsourcing back-office services ensure that they make use of the most up-to-date technologies without any capital investment. Most of these services are also easily implemented at much lower costs. Aside from these, outsourcing offers solutions to projects that require high volume processing or involves a huge number of people to do the work. This also works for processes that follow a stringent workflow and has consistent requirements in terms of performance and efficiency.

BPO companies also offer their own consultants and account executives to help companies recognize the outsourcing solutions that best fit them. In this way, outsource service providers can guarantee that the people they have to do the work are knowledgeable and experienced in the industry that they service. A good relationship between companies and their service providers ensure that the outsourced business processes are easily and effectively integrated with the rest of the business.

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