Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Call Center Outsourcing

When it comes time for a business to decide on a call center outsourcing provider it can trust, one key element in determining a provider’s ability to deliver successful services is their use of technology.

Examining the providers use of technology closely during the decision making process can uncover if the provider is employing the kinds of technologies and applications that are critical to deliver optimal customer experiences every time.

A recent Forrester report by analyst Elizabeth Herrell (News - Alert) with Simon Yates and Lauren E. Nelson, “Twelve Criteria For Contact Center Outsourcers,” highlights this need and other major considerations when choosing a vendor.

Because call center outsourcing providers are extending their agents to represent the company, it is important to understand how the support these agents are receiving and their ability to deliver quality services.

According to the white paper, it is important to look for a number of applications that should be use to ensure top notch services. These applications range from those that support agent productivity, to improving workforce scheduling, computer telephony integration (CTI (News - Alert)) and other quality monitoring tools.

Other technologies to keep an eye out for include support for automated transactions, IVR and access to reports on the performance and quality of service being provided for the company.

Also a critical consideration for a call center outsourcing is security. When looking for a provider it is vital to ask question like what types of security protocols are being deployed, how is data access being protected and what types of security measures are required for agents.

Keeping these key factors in mind during the evaluation process can help companies to choose a provider that will not only meet their needs, but guarantee success into the future.

Friday, September 25, 2009

CRM outsourcing attractive in recession

The sub-prime mortgage fiasco and subsequent global financial meltdown have left many organizations scrambling amidst budget cuts, layoffs and corporate reorganizations. When it comes to IT, the recession is suddenly making outsourcing CRM and other functions more attractive options, according to analysts.

"If anything [the recession is] increasing the focus on spend," said Phil Fersht, research director, global business services and outsourcing with Boston-based AMR Research Inc. "Companies aren't going to be spending more money on IT and services. They're trying to get more with less, and that means exploring avenues that take advantage of lower-cost delivery. There will be more demand for outsourcing services that have immediate cost impacts on the business and not a heavy initial investment."

Before the economic meltdown, outsourcing was already on a strong growth path. Gartner Inc. is still predicting 60% growth in offshore IT outsourcing in the U.S. in 2009 and 40% growth in Europe. In addition, The Hackett Group, a Miami-based consulting firm, is predicting that a quarter of IT jobs at Global 1000 companies may be moved offshore by 2010.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Offshoring Call Center Services at Affordable Price

Today, India has become the outsourcing hub of the world. As more organizations understand the importance of focusing on their core competencies, they are turning to Indian offshore call center providers. This strategy help to boost up their brands by targeting customers

Indian call centers offer a wide range of services that suit diverse customer needs. Whether you want to offshore the handling of customer inquiry calls or are looking for a call center that acts as a technical help desk, Indian call center companies can provide a solution that takes care of your exact needs. With their focus on putting customers first, Indian call centers have made India a front-runner in the global outsourcing arena.

India has extensive experience of working with diverse customers in different industries. Corporate giants in the United States, Europe, and Japan as well as many Fortune 500 companies are leveraging the expertise of Indian service providers to minimize costs without compromising on quality.

Offshore call center outsourcing to India offers the following benefits:

* Time zone advantages – The difference in time zones between India and countries like the U.S. and U.K. makes India a great option for companies looking to provide their end customers with 24x7 customer support or helpdesk services
* A vast English-speaking population – India has a large pool of English-speaking professionals that can provide first-time resolution for customer calls
* Favorable government policies – The Government of India’s favorable policies have supported the growth of the IT enabled services (ITES) industry. Some of the positive steps taken by the government to underline this commitment are:
* Effective communication networks – Because of privatization and a drastic reduction in the tariff of basic telecoms, cellular, and internet services, India enjoys an infrastructural advantage like never before. Global companies can leverage this to their advantage
* Access to leading practices – Indian offshore call center providers have the capability to provide a range of offshore call center services since they have exposure to working with clients in many different industries. They can give companies access to a specialized knowledge base
* Better resource allocation – Leveraging the expertise of Indian offshore call centers can help a company shift its focus from transactional activities and reporting to value-added business analysis

Indian offshore call centers provide a wide range of services, which can be customized to meet your unique requirements. These include:

* Phone support services
o Customer service
o Pre-sales, post-sales, and order fulfillment
o Technical support
o Credit management services
o Verification services
* Telemarketing services
* Email support services
* Chat support services
* Disaster recovery services

In this way, India has many advantages that help its offshore call centers provide cost-effective solutions to global organizations.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Contact Center Outsourcing - Key To Organizational Success

Contact centers are that vital communication link between businesses and their customers and even though an in-house facility may satisfy basic needs and requirements, it is always better to choose contact center outsourcing services, preferably rendered by an offshore outsourcing company. The main reason is that an offshore outsourcing company will make it easier for businesses to derive essential benefits such as cost savings. Some of the best outsourcing companies have their operations based in developing countries such as India, where operational costs are naturally lower as compared to that of developed countries such as the US and the UK. India's outsourcing companies are thus in a better position to achieve, sustain and deliver the desired cost savings.

Apart from cost savings, outsourcing companies also deliver many other benefits such as process optimization, efficiency improvements and value additions. The best part is that all of these can be achieved and delivered without compromising on the quality of offered contact center services. Customer satisfaction can thus be maximized with the least possible costs and efforts. Once that is achieved, businesses can look forward to creating business competencies that have become a necessity for ensuring both success and survival in today's age of Globalization.

In most cases, hiring offshore contact center services certainly helps achieve the targeted goals and objectives. However, since success depends a lot on the actual performance, it would be better if businesses check out the track record of available outsourcing companies. The stakes are often high and it would be wise to hire the services of the best available contact center outsourcing company.