Monday, May 11, 2009

Predictive Dialing Services : Making the process easy and best quality

Predictive dialer software is an advance call center technology used to automatically dial the correct telephone number matching with the available call center personnel.

Call Center Without predictive dialing software, call center will have to wait for phone calls until another person answers the phone. This is not only quite expensive but lost productivity. With a predictive dialer a new phone call should be available as soon as the call center agent hangs up with the last phone call.

Predictive dialer software makes easy by forecasting no of telephone calls required to be placed. If the predictive dialer software does not place enough calls, the agents will sit idle waiting for a call. If the predictive dialer software places too many calls, no agent will be available to speak with the person who answers the phone. If you have ever received a telephone call and heard a recorded message that said something like "Please hold the line for the next available agent", you have experienced a predictive dialer failure.

And Call Centers India is enhancing the expertise in predictive Dialing and other Call Center Technology Services.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Call Recording Monitoring Solution - Enhance Call Center Productivity

Call Recording Monitoring Solution makes the calling system fast and more effective. On the basis of this call center technology software we get call verification and confirmation as per needful criteria. Call Recording and Monitoring Technology record and retrieve the phone conversation in the real time. And then customize as per the service feature or customer services provided and it helps to set a goal for the business.

Call Recoding Monitoring Technology System window based voice recorder and giving live updates. It also add Computer Telephony Interaction for a best . Call Recording and Monitoring System help to support best quality services to the customers.

We can get call retrieval as per requirement to give accurate feedback and can search the specific recording by Agent, Data, Time and Phone Number means extensive search, filter and storage capabilities.. It 's not only superior Voice Recording Quality like local or Lan / Wan playback and monitoring but you can import a phone book by the use of relational database.

Call Center India have latest Customer Support Technology for Inbound and Outbound Calls. You will get CRM Solution, IVR System, Automated Call Distribution System, Call Recording and Call Monitoring Solutions and Predictive Dialing Services.