Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It’s All About Setting Up a BPO or Call Center Outsourcing

When the business sectors and markets are experiencing unprecedented boom and ever increasing range of offered products and services; setting pace with technology and influx of inquiry calls has become mandatory and incredibly difficult. That is where every company start feeling the need of deploying call centre and their services for streamlining their administration, finance and back office operations.

A call centre can be divided in two major parts on the basis of their working procedure that is – Inbound and Outgoing Call Centers. The working of inbound call centers basically revolve around answering the query calls people make in regard of certain product or service a company provide while outbound call center do sales process or telemarketing.

All you need is UAN which is universal access number to get through one of the many call centre agents present in a call center. The call centers route call via two processes – Automatic Call Distribution and Intelligence Voice Recognition. ACD distributes incoming calls to specific agent terminals where as IVR records the information from customer beforehand and then transfer the call.

India, Philippines and Singapore are rapidly growing call centre bases. Considering swift government practices, reduced tariff rates, vast English speaking population, other geographical and physiological compatibilities to international standards, India has become the most preferred choice for establishment of call centers. To set up call centre, one should understand that it is another realm of analytic and infrastructure oriented domain just like another businesses. The main objective may be to thrust other is business forward but in order to do that you need to play your cards right.

You must have a team of 10 or more neutral accent English speaking customer care executive. A process manager and quality assurance department to evaluate the performance and capability of agents should be there. A training department to train newcomers and existing agents should be deployed to keep them updated about products and services they will speak about with customers.

The business of call centre is real and mean. A call is what call centers run on; it brings business or ruins the entire thing if goes wrong. All you need is proper tools, right information about the pulse of market. For prior requirements and techniques, cast a look at following check list:

A) A toll free number and an interface which can work across various channels are needed. Any telecom company can provide you with which you can handle several calls at a given time.

B) A broadband Symmetrical Digital Subscriber Line or Lease Line internet connection to provide you an end to end connectivity.

C) An Internet Protocol Private Automatic Branch Exchange or Voice over Internet Protocol subscription so that you can directly plug in and start receiving calls.

D) Ensure proper training to agents. Unless they are properly laced with information and content about a specific product, customer satisfaction will remain elusive. For that develop CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) which maintains all the records, performance and track sheet of calls.

Cally Parkar is associated with call centers India since a long time. Call Centers India (CCI) is a CISCO funded company and Its management team has vast experience in call centre outsourcing offering call centers services including customer care services, call answering services, technical support services, outbound telemarketing services, back office services and etc.

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