Monday, October 18, 2010

Key Facts to run call center outsourcing successfully

Call center outsourcing
services offer round the clock services to the clients and their customers. They address the grievances of customers, take their feedback and answer the calls involving technical assistance and resolution of queries. A BPO team is accountable for customer support, the deployed technology, and your business process they have undertaken.

Managing an outsourcing BPO Services is not easy. There is so much to handle in terms of people, technology and infrastructure. For instance a business process management has to ensure that they meet the requirement of respective project of the company they have signed SLA with. They have to keep proficient agents handy as they are always running short of them because of attrition. Their technology should run to the last and have extra back-up just in case if something goes wrong and the list counts on.

The fundamentals of successful business process outsourcing are many. We have managed to narrow down the list to few which according to us, are the most important ones.

Streamlined Process

The Process Managers are the ones who could organize the process to the tip with all the requirement in place. They are the ones who can align the resources and manage the manpower in accordance with the requirement. They should have experience and expertise in varied domains and streams of industry. They should be well qualified and trained professionals.


Call center agents should be trained and keep updated on the projects and products as their managers. After all, they are the ones who have to speak to customers. They should know about the particular product or services and competitors so that they would be able to answer any question or response coming along in the way. Staff is the true image of any company and a well trained staff can yield in good results and leads for the company resulting in good market reputation for the call center.

Infrastructure & Facilities

To have a well trained and dedicated team, as management you need to know what they want. A better and happy environment leads to more productivity in staff. Management should reward the workers with incentives and bonuses to show the appreciation towards their work. It should also be careful of their comfort and basic facilities such as clean work stations, cafeteria and transportation. Their should always be endeavors to motivate workers as well.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Call Center Outsourcing is a Great Way to Save Money in Tough Economic Times

Call center outsourcing is an idea which offers many cost benefits and advantages. If you are a small to medium sized or huge business and would like to provide yourself and your company the opportunity of cost benefits, take a look at call center outsourcing.

You will find numerous benefits of outsourcing. Below are detailed a few of them. By going offshore, the financial savings are huge but the actual quality of the work is not affected. Representatives proficient in English are always on staff.

Increase in income for your business.

Satisfied clients which talk to properly trained agents

Campaigns for product upselling by agents

Customer assistance and service

Technical support all by highly trained and knowledgeable staff

Managing overflow calls

Telemarketing, chat and email services are all inexpensive.

Getting highly skilled reps is usually a lot easier than in the States. A few offshore locations employ over one hundred thousand people in the call center business.

One company, only employs agents that have experience with Fortune 500 firms and also 90% of their employees have higher education degrees. Additionally, just about all representatives have at minimum 6 months or perhaps more of phone center knowledge handling sales and. Naturally, this really is a great organization to work with for your call center outsourcing needs.

With regards to client service, there might be significant increase with regard to your business. As an example this happens, when an organization offers a new item or promotes an event. This may result in a huge amount of phone calls which unfortunately if not well thought out could create a problem for your current employees.

The organization would have to use more employees to deal with the abrupt influx of phone calls and commit time and cash on replacing equipment for operations. Using an outsourced call center as a supplier can undoubtedly decrease expenses here.

The harsh truth is that the fees are less expensive compared to employing an onshore provider and definitely less than creating your own.

So if you have a company that is considering call center outsourcing and moving their customer service, lead generation, voice and non voice services services, offshore chat support Services , it can be a great move and will certainly help with the bottom line as so many need in today's times.

Cally Parkar is a frequent writer on the matter of call center outsourcing. He delivers awesome recommendations through an educational way to teaching how they operate and how to apply this knowledge.

Friday, October 1, 2010

BPO Services in India

BPO Services India refers to the most popular phrase used by the business owners in the developed countries. The outsourcing phenomenon is now not only limited to the companies having with too many tasks to handle; with the increase in competition more and more companies are seeking to outsource their assignments to a country like India. Moreover among other BPO Services; BPO Services in India is known to be very unique owing to advantages it brings along.

India has certain important aspects and benefits that cannot be ignored; the same makes it a hub for handling outsourced service operations. Functions such as sales promotion can be easily outsourced to the professionals in India. With the increment in the number of professionals in India very skilled in their domain, the BPO Company in India has become very famous and popular.

Call Center India can be divided in three main categories viz- outbound, web enabled as well as inbound call centres. Number of outbound and inbound call centres has seen a steep rise over the past few years. India gives advantages to the client productivity by facilitating a broad customer base through proper management of very skilled talent pool.

Outbound as well as inbound call centers are the supreme BPO Services provided. The services related to Credit Management, Sales, Verification Services as well as Market Research can be outsourced to Call Centers. Anyone can evaluate the key role these services can play in augmenting the business progress.

India has earned the position of being a very preferred destination providing BPO services. BPO company in India facilitates valued workforce, significant cost advantage and complete government assistance for such initiatives; you also get the necessary infrastructure required for training the employees for the required services.