Monday, March 14, 2011

Customer Support Services Call Centers

The customer is the lifeblood of any business, and it is only right that business owners and managers provide optimum customer support through the quickest and most accessible medium – the telephone.

You can easily provide your customers with this kind of support from call centers. Call centers refer to firms that act as 'company phone centers' on your behalf. These call centers are able to handle services like help desks, live customer support, lead generation projects, emergency responses, inbound responses, outbound telemarketing and simple, telephone answering service.

Most companies now outsource their call centers to save on the costs of maintaining one in-house. Many call centers can be found in India and in Manila, where labor is cheaper and the workforce speaks fluent English. Big call centers offer value-added services such as multilingual customer support, directory assistance, credit card services, interactive voice response and web-based functions.

Call centers bring your company closer to customers, paving opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. A good call center not only helps strengthen your company's relationship with its customers, but it also generates new business and helps you maintain and grow your market share.

Aside form this, call centers can control your brand integrity by delivering fast and accurate support to almost any customer concern. What's more, it does not cost much and frees up your internal resources, so that you can use them to develop your core competencies. Leave your sales and customer care concerns to call centers, because they can provide all necessary telephone and Internet support to your customers at any and all times.

Call centers are indeed becoming very popular among business because of their proven track record of maintaining and even increasing sales, fostering customer satisfaction and acting as one of the essential gatherers of market intelligence.

Call Center India-CCI, has been a leading Businesses Outsource Service Provider since its inception. Providing offshore call center services and maximized interest on your revenues, CCI has been a name that spells success and results for its clients and their project. With a laser focus on call center outsourcing services, CCI dominates the sphere of inbound and outbound call center support functions involving- help desk support services, back office support services, email support services, SMS support service, offshore technical support services and technical support services.

Call Centers India has won many accolades and appraisals from the clients across the world. It is a leading provider of specialized outsourcing services. It is a specialist in providing all sort of business needs for the professional market. For every facet of business and every twist and turn of market, CCI is the specialist call center for your business needs.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Call Center – Top Five Benefits of Outsourcing?

In today's environment of cutthroat competition, customer expectations of support and service have reached new highs.

Businesses without extraordinary customer support tend to lose favor with consumer, lag behind their competition or even face a survival crisis. Hence, the all-important customer support services can never be overlooked. Your company can set up an in-house call center services.

Much, however, depends on your available resources including manpower, infrastructure and technical know-how. While large

businesses may go in for their own call centers, majority of the mid-sized companies find outsourcing a much viable option.

Listed below are five advantages of outsourcing call center:

1. 24/7 support to customers across the time zones

In today's globalized environment, businesses often have customers spread across various time zones and they expect twenty-four hour customer service.

Call centers, with 24*7 operating model, ascertain that customers get the required assistance whenever and wherever they need them. Such activities help cement ties between the consumers and the company and retain them in the long run.

2. Save on cost of establishing in-house call center

Establishing an in-house call center involves heavy investment on infrastructure and hiring and training of required personnel. This results in diversion of crucial resources from the core operations of the company.

Outsourcing these tasks to call centers takes care of the entire process of preparation, relieving the company of the headache of putting in place every small element and managing the operations all along.

3. Tap into required expertise

Maintaining an in-house call center is treated as an extra responsibility for businesses. On the other hand, call centers that are exclusively devoted to these operations treat it as their primary task, concentrating all their energies to deliver very high quality service. It is almost impossible for your company to reach that level of expertise. Thus, outsourcing call center services ensures excellent customer support services.

4. Focus on your core competence

It is important for every company to focus on its core competence and rely on outside experts to handle tasks that are not part of the core. Call center is one such area that should be outsourced since making and receiving calls is their bread and butter and it would be tough for you to match the quality of service they generally deliver.

5. Utilize advanced and specialized services

The bouquet of specialized and advanced services that call centers offer today go beyond expectations of the company. In fact, one has to be very careful in making the right choice of the vendor and the collection of services. The right kind of partnership with the appropriate vendor can contribute towards the success of the company at large.

It is not for nothing that call centers are becoming the new buzzword in the world of business. The positive contribution they make to companies far outweigh the investment made in hiring them as partners in business. Specialized call centers are here to stay and help you succeed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A to Z of Customer Service of Call Centers

The real performance oriented, new alphabetical order for call centers on which customer service is based:

1) A for Action: Call centers services are known for their action oriented methodologies. Actions that induce results and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

2) B for Business: Business is what call center outsourcing services aim for. Contact centers work for the growth and rise of the business.

3) C for Cost cutting: Call centers services can reduce the cost of business by half. With them, you do not have to set up an entire infrastructure, hire or recruit new team to deal with necessities of expanding business.

4) D for Dedication: Call center agents are trained to provide customer satisfaction under any circumstances.

5) E for Empowering: What could be a better way to empower business than providing customer services at competent prices and offer services that reduce investments costs and increase ROI?

6) F for Fail-Safe: Outsourcing services are risk free if a business owner has been little attentive to what he needs and what the provider is offering.

7) G for Gains: When there are call centers, gains and profits are bound to happen with increased productivity of in-house team, spare time to focus on core functions of business and so on.

8) H for Holistic: Call centers are not just about calling or telemarketing. They are multi-tier operation centers providing each and everything you need from finance & admin outsourcing to infrastructure management.

9) I for Increase: With the help of inbound call center services and outbound contact center, you get a brand identity of a caring product. Your customer satisfaction levels are increased and in return, you get increased sales figure, increased profits and increased returns on investments.

10) J for Just-right: call center Outsourcing services are just right for businesses of every size and types. For a small set up to Fortune 500 companies need outsourcing to establish a consistent growth rate.

11) K for Kick Start: If you think that your business needs a jump start by reducing costs while tackling the expanding needs, call centers are the right choice.

12) L for Leads: Lead generation is an exceptional outbound call center service to raise sales and profits.

13) M for Made to Order: The customized services of call centers are designed to suit the needs of your business.

14) N for Navigational: They regulate the costs and excessive costs of your business. They handle your call flow, streamline your process and make it more business oriented.

15) O for Outstanding: Which company does not want to stand out of crowd in market or retain the visibility in the eyes and buying behavior of customers? It is possible with the extensive services of customer support services. Available all days, the services are quick and prompt.

16) P for Propelling: Sky targeting the business call center services can achieve milestones for a business.

17) Q for Quality: Quality is the mantra that runs in the atmosphere to sustain competitive edge for your business.

18) R for ROI: By leveraging the domain expertise of call centers, business can gain momentum and increase their ROI.

19) S for Services: Their comprehensive range of services helps to create value for your business.

20) T for Technology: Laced with cutting edge technology that can be accessed remotely or in-house, technology decides the performance level of a call center.

21) U for Ultra-Modern: Call centers are housed in ultra-modern facilities and equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

22) V for Value Statement: Value for money is the mission of every call center but money or cost savings does not mean that business owners have to settle down on low quality or average results.

23) W for Way and Means: The phrase 'Way and Means' is totally apt for call centers technology. It implies the strategy when resources are allocated according to the listed expenses. Call centers offer different deliverance models to suit your budget.

24) X for Xenagogue: Xenagogue is a Greek word that means leader. In the recent volatile economic times, they have proved the relevancy of services by leading companies to a more secure and cost managed environment.

25) Y for Year Round: Call centers work 24/7 @365 days never leaving a single chance to miss out on opportunity to interact with your customers.

26) Z for Zero Tolerance: Working on strict HR Policy, Data security and Quality Assurance regulations to protect confidential data and maintain the quality of services.