Thursday, May 27, 2010

Call Center Services Outsourcing – It Cannot Be Ignored

Offshore call centers provide a comprehensive range of services that include everything from sales support to technical support, customer service, and telemarketing. It is now common knowledge that call center services outsourcing allows businesses to achieve and sustain high-end goals and objectives such as cost reductions, efficiency improvements, and increased customer satisfaction.

However, since the overall success rate of call center services outsourcing projects is around 70%, a figure that leaves a lot to be desired, it is recommended that businesses do not take things lightly. To increase the probability of success, businesses will have to work on critical issues such as identifying call center processes that are suitable for outsourcing, defining a sustainable cost structure and estimating the minimum time-frame of the proposed outsourcing project. All this, in turn, will require businesses to assess their basic needs and requirements and find out whether or not outsourcing will really help manage those needs. Here are some examples that can help.

Call Center Services Outsourcing Cannot Be Ignored When:-

1.A business is expecting a huge increase in its customer base, either due to the launch of a new product or service, or due to a recently launched promotional campaign. The number of customers requiring help and support services would then increase, something that is best managed through call center services outsourcing.

2.A business realizes that its call volumes fluctuate and that the inhouse call center team often has too much free time on its hands. Call center outsourcing can help here by providing operational flexibility.

3.A business notices that its nearest competitor has introduced more cost-effective products and services in the target market. Reducing operational costs is often the solution in these cases, something that can be achieved through call center services outsourcing.

4.A business cannot ignore the need to provide 24/7, "always online" help and support services due to the inherent complexity of the product or service. Call center services outsourcing can make that easier and affordable as well.

Businesses planning to outsource BPO can use these to determine why exactly they need outsourcing and how exactly it will benefit. It will help them create better plans and strategies, as is necessary for ensuring the success of call center services outsourcing projects.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Indian BPO revenues to increase

Indian BPO revenues to increase

The annual revenue of Indian ITeS BPO services industry is expected to rise by more than USD10 billion by FY10 from the current fiscal levels, notwithstanding the concerns over rupee appreciation and competition from countries like China and Philippines. According to a new study by international research and consultancy firm Dun and Bradstreet, the Indian ITeS BPO industry would reach a revenue of 23.7 billion by FY10 against an estimated USD12.9 billion in FY08.

The continuing surge in global spending on business process outsourcing activities would help boost the Indian ITeSBPO market, even though rupee appreciation could put some pressure on its future growth, D&B said in the report.

The global spending on BPO is expected to reach USD618 billion by 2010 from around USD423 billion in 2006, signifying the huge potential for countries such as India, D and Bs AsiaPacific President David J Emery said.

At present, Indias share to the global spending on BPO market is around 2 per cent, which though modest, does indicate the huge opportunities the country has to grow its revenue share, Emery added.

However, the future growth could be slightly moderate in view of the recent appreciation of the rupee against US dollar, the report noted.

Exports would continue to remain the major revenue generator and would contribute about 86 per cent to the total industry revenue in next three years.

Besides, domestic market is also expected to emerge as an important driver with an estimated revenue of 3.41 billion dollars by FY10.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back Office Services Outsourcing – Helping Reduce Carbon Footprint

It may be common knowledge that back office services outsourcing helps reduce costs and clutter, but not many know that it is also helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing the carbon footprint may not be a legal requirement as yet, but realizing the adverse affects that rising carbon emissions are having on the environment, many businesses have voluntarily taken up the challenge to reduce their carbon footprint. For achieving that purpose, many of these businesses have chosen back office services outsourcing.

But where's the smoke in back office operations? Well, just look around and when you notice things like paper, office stationery, electronic and electrical devices, etc, you will know that industrial chimneys had worked overtime while these products were being manufactured. A look at energy bills of your office will also help you realize how substantially back office operations actually contribute to global carbon emissions.

But what about back office services outsourcing firms? Won't they use the same office equipment, processes and peripherals and contribute equally to global carbon emissions? Well, they certainly will, but there's a difference. You see, back office services outsourcing works like a car pool. Back office services outsourcing firms handle multiple outsourcing accounts simultaneously and when everything gets done under one roof, it naturally helps reduce the carbon footprint. A single shop catering to 10 different clients will naturally use less resources as compared to 10 different shops catering to 10 different clients. It's that simple.

The best part is that back office support services outsourcing firms do not have to put in extra efforts or make additional investments for reducing the carbon footprint. It's something that occurs naturally. Back office services outsourcing firms are certainly thankful because it allows them to focus on other urgent and critical issues such as reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Call Centers Operations and Services

While the news of outsourcing the Call Center Operations & services are doing rounds in market, this article presents the pros and cons of taking services of these.

The untapped potential of places like India, Philippines and Korea has been explored and exposed due to the increasing trend of establishing contact centers and outsourcing services like: Telemarketing, Customer Support, Email & Chat solutions, Data Entry Operation and other marketing services.

The traditional management hierarchy is different and ages old in comparison to the new era call centers. Their modus operandi is unique and thoroughly documented to provide customers delightful experience and ecstatic results. The contact center also keeps a proper track sheet to gauge the input and ROI.

The services help you to cut cost and save time to build an in house time and train them. One of your representatives can teach them over the phone or in person. From telemarketing to software development, these call centers groups are providing you value added services with quality and time. The team of agents is well trained to handle the nerve racking stress with ease. The agents work ten days consecutively to handle the call load in an efficient way. Services, they offer are low on cost, high on technology and strict on quality.

The operations and service supports are streamlined such way that a single call is not returned back and you can easily track or analyze your returns and status of your product against competitors. The call centers operate on 24/ 7 work methodology to fill the time hiatus between the west and oriental zones. Services are segmented among teams. The BPO employees go through a strict check and duly monitored to maintain the confidentiality of data. Any USBs or storage devices are big NO-NO at the premises of call centers.

The performance yardsticks of BPO Services are more than high and these don’t opt for any halfway house between quality and offered services. So, here we can see that you can gain much with a little do. You just need to be careful about to choose a right BPO that suits best your need and cost parameters.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Outsourcing Call Center Work Successfully

In spite of the continuous growth in the call center industry, selecting one is still not a decision that can be taken in a lighter mood. It is quite evident that companies seek to explore call center services as an alternative to generate sales and big ROI. In a few cases, outsourced customer care services become a mere necessity for companies trying to respond to the growing competition.

Any organization looking out to explore inbound or outbound call center services should first begin with a basic research. Opting for a basic research in the initial phases prove to be helpful in taking right decision. Be sure that you are seeking for a service provider that will be representing your own brand.

A wrong choice from your own part can create an adverse effect on the productivity and growth prospects of your company. Here lies the importance of knowing all those aspects of the call center outsourcing. Keep in mind that having a note on the right way to outsource customer services stands crucial for each and every company.

From your part, it will be essential to get familiar with the diverse aspects of the call center outsourcing that can mean profitable for your own business. You need to understand the given difference between the two functions carried out in a customer care unit. They are outbound telemarketing and inbound telemarketing. Keeping a note on both these functions will be important.

When choosing to outsource the significant contact center work, make sure to include a great understanding on the diverse key points. These include

• Knowing the Experience Level of the Service Provider:

A brief understanding of the above factor stands vital when selecting a unit that will ultimately offer the call center services for your business organization. Even though a service vendor is not in business for too long, they should provide services maintaining the industrial standards.

Questions that need to be asked include:

Do the hired company offer chat or email support or inquiry handling services? These are services that are considered significant when outsourcing.

• A Note on Quality Infrastructure:

An outsource customer care service provider that provides different customized services should incorporate few essential tools for carrying forward its job. This includes a brief know-how on the latest computer or telephone technology.

Use of Qualified Agents:

The hired agents should have the ability to speak and write in English. A good command over English language is considered a must. Moreover, speaking with clarity is also considered as significant. Moreover, agents should be familiar with the diverse services and products of the companies that they represent.

• Cultural Alignment and Proximity:

Even though it is widely approved that contact center outsourcing usually involves using companies in a foreign destination. However, there should always be some ways to monitor its business operations to ensure right value for investment.

Billing Process:

It is an alarming fact that some companies set unscrupulous standards in their ways to deal with business contracts. Your contact center should be upfront about all types of related costs. This is to ensure best services avoiding problems in the entire process.

To know more about BPO services and call center services you can log on to our website where you will get a wide array of necessary information on business process outsourcing and call centre services.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Customer Satisfaction with Call Center

The call center plays a vital role in assuring that customers are satisfied with the organization that the center represents. In fact, the center must ensure that customers are satisfied enough to remain loyal, spread the positive word about the company and produce a return on the investment that the company made when establishing the call center in the first place.

Customer issues see resolution only 45 percent of the time when handled by reps with poor communication skills. In the instance where a rep can speak clearly, 88 percent of issues are resolved. Communication skills prove to be a challenge among some U.S.-based customer service representatives, but on average U.S.-based call centers score better than offshore call centers on rep communication skills.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Technology Trends in the BPO World

In 2010, corporations will continue to streamline costs, and often that means pursuing technological advances that improve productivity. However, with the proliferation of multiple service channels, increased customer expectations, and challenging revenue objectives, companies must manage costs with surgical precision.

This year, businesses will make better use of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) technological tools to run their multichannel service organizations more effectively, and leverage automation to make the most of each customer contact. By approaching technology and outsourcing strategies as an investment, these companies can retain customers and grow revenue, while strategically managing costs.

In 2010, corporations will continue to streamline costs, and often that means pursuing technological advances that improve productivity. However, with the proliferation of multiple service channels, increased customer expectations, and challenging revenue objectives, companies must manage costs with surgical precision.

This year, businesses will make better use of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) technological tools to run their multichannel service organizations more effectively, and leverage automation to make the most of each customer contact. By approaching technology and outsourcing strategies as an investment, these companies can retain customers and grow revenue, while strategically managing costs.

Business process experts often identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience and take cost out of the transaction. There are situations where today's consumers actually prefer a self-serve or automated service experience, or would be better served by being diverted to a particular channel. Industry specialists have the expertise to identify scenarios that are right for such an opportunity. The more a business process partner is involved in the end-to-end sales and services solution, the more visibility they can provide to opportunities that streamline processes or improve the customer experience—not to mention the additional insights gleaned that help avoid process, and potential product pitfalls.

As a BPO partner, we work with businesses to use contact data to improve the customer experience. We offer technology solutions that optimize staff resources and transition contacts to revenue generation opportunities when appropriate. A great example is TeleTech's store call solution which helps retailers, and other businesses with multiple locations, transition calls off of the retail floor and into a contact center environment. Making this switch accomplishes a number of objectives for the retailer, and the customer.