Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Etiquette Tips for Call Center Agents for Better Customer Services

By any means, call center agents are at beck and call. Even with the advent of latest technology and resources in gamut, the burden and work pressures of agents have not reduced a bit. They have to maintain call center law and order and adhere to strict management guidelines. To help them out, we are suggesting some expert tips that can improve their calling etiquette, provide standard customer services and help them serve better.

1.Be Tone Wary: Be careful when you talk to your customers. Sound cheerful and extremely balanced but not overtly pleased with yourself or flattering. If some things is beyond your area of concern or you needs to escalate it, sound promising and positive about it.

Remember that they have already been worried or annoyed because of the technical problem they have been facing or query they are unable to resolve and your insensitive or indifferent voice can really miff them.

2.Be Attentive: Listening to callers' problems or making calls to sell your products is your job. Nothing should come between it and callers should be given full attention. Do not interrupt them. Speak only when they are finished talking.

Be mindful that they have got mind and they can detect when they do not have your full attention. Do not let their mind boggled up when you are trying to search for the requested information, ask relevant questions to show your concern.

3.Be Clear: Use of headphones or microphones is a big No-No as it can distort your voice. Your job is to speak and listen. Speak with neutral accent, clearly and slowly so that customers can understand everything.

4.Be Well Trained: Read the product manuals carefully and study its market. Along with that have at least decent knowledge of the competition. In case, if customer is confused about the products you can state the benefits of endorsed products by presenting a comparative analysis.

Agents are recommended to take training classes and customers seriously. Their sincere efforts towards customer services can boost the growth of call center and in return, theirs.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

BPO outsourcing Services

Business process outsourcing is the assignment of product or function specific business processes to a 3rd party offshore provider that executes and manages the process according to an agreed upon criteria and structure that is measurable for performance.

BPO Services has become a very powerful and recognized approach to the accomplishing a wide variety of strategic and tactical goals from a mere tool for cost savings in transaction-intensive, back office business processes.

Benefits of BPO

1. Turn Key Solution – BPO’s provide a turnkey solution to the process of launching a new startup business, allowing them to be fully operational in a matter of weeks rather than months through state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and workforce.

2. Competitive Edge – businesses can turn their existing business processes into highly profitable world-class BPO solution.

3. Cost Savings – BPO take variable costs out of the equation and create a fixed cost thus significantly reducing employee overhead costs.

4. Increased Revenue – firms partnered with BPO firms acquire new and better knowledge aside from the more capable processes thus increasing their revenues.

The point of view that business process outsourcing is just a mere method of trimming down fixed overhead costs has drastically changed over the decades. Now, BPO is considered more and more as a strategic move to create a competitive edge over competitors. BPO allows a company to put more focus on its core product, functions and processes by assigning its non core functions to a 3rd party provider that specializes on the said function. Outsourcing human resource management is a great example, the HR functions like payroll and benefits, recruitment, and personnel evaluation are delegated to an call center provider that specializes in HRM. The provider will also keep the company posted with constant changes and updates in the HRM realm.

Experts consider that the real advantage of BPO is something intangible and may not even show up or be valued in the balance sheet or any other financial statement. The value BPO brings does not necessarily mean cost savings. Elements such as support and time to market are likely to be critical to success but are usually invaluable.

BPO’s in India are viewed as one of the top drivers that will keep pushing the country as the top destination for outsource services. Costa Rica now supplies several noncore yet critical backroom operations that have been outsourced to India that include accounting, contact center services, human resource administration, virtual assistants, and web design to several countries. With the country’s huge pool of talent especially when it comes to English proficiency, coupled with excellent telecommunications infrastructure, now India is quickly becoming the destination for global BPO.