Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back Office Services Outsourcing – Helping Reduce Carbon Footprint

It may be common knowledge that back office services outsourcing helps reduce costs and clutter, but not many know that it is also helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint. Reducing the carbon footprint may not be a legal requirement as yet, but realizing the adverse affects that rising carbon emissions are having on the environment, many businesses have voluntarily taken up the challenge to reduce their carbon footprint. For achieving that purpose, many of these businesses have chosen back office services outsourcing.

But where's the smoke in back office operations? Well, just look around and when you notice things like paper, office stationery, electronic and electrical devices, etc, you will know that industrial chimneys had worked overtime while these products were being manufactured. A look at energy bills of your office will also help you realize how substantially back office operations actually contribute to global carbon emissions.

But what about back office services outsourcing firms? Won't they use the same office equipment, processes and peripherals and contribute equally to global carbon emissions? Well, they certainly will, but there's a difference. You see, back office services outsourcing works like a car pool. Back office services outsourcing firms handle multiple outsourcing accounts simultaneously and when everything gets done under one roof, it naturally helps reduce the carbon footprint. A single shop catering to 10 different clients will naturally use less resources as compared to 10 different shops catering to 10 different clients. It's that simple.

The best part is that back office support services outsourcing firms do not have to put in extra efforts or make additional investments for reducing the carbon footprint. It's something that occurs naturally. Back office services outsourcing firms are certainly thankful because it allows them to focus on other urgent and critical issues such as reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

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