Monday, August 13, 2012

Going Out To Buy The Furniture For Your Call Center? Read This First

Setting up a contact center is not a very easy task and requires proper planning and consideration. You need to consider in a lot of factors while buying the call center technology and furniture used in the office. Selecting the furniture can be a tricky thing as it doesn’t seem to be a very tough job and yet the wrong choice can result in poor performance of the staff.

There are many factors which are required to be considered before furnishing your office. Vendors offering call center services India must definitely take this suggestion seriously as they are responsible for critical tasks of many international organizations who won’t like to suffer because of any reason. If you are going to buy the furniture for your office then you must read this first.

The Desk Type: The desk of a contact center agent is going to be the place where he would be performing all his official tasks on a daily basis. This space must be totally supportive of the type of work the agents would be doing there. If they need to do a lot of paper work too then you might want to go for large desks that provide them with enough space to keep their papers and do the paper work. However, you can go for narrow small desks if you are certain that all that your agents would need is a PC, their headsets, keyboard and a mouse. Managers and supervisors might require larger desks and more space as they would have a lot of paper work to take care.

The Chairs: Chairs are required to be bought with maximum care and thought as your agents are going to sit on them for long hours. You need to make sure that the seats are height adjustable, back adjustable and if they have side handles then they should also be adjustable. If they are not comfortable in their seats then you can’t expect them to sit there for long hours. BPO customer satisfaction can’t be achieved if your own agents are unsatisfied with the seats.

Cubicle/Seating Space: The place where agents would be sitting also requires to be properly furnished. The dividers that separate agents should be of appropriate height and should provide required privacy to each agent. The sides of dividers should be covered with velvet cloth so that disturbance is minimized. Further, managers and team leaders require a bit larger space as they would be talking to agents on a regular basis. If they have to instruct, explain or give feedback to a particular agent then it is better to give them a place that is private. Their working space should be designed and furnished accordingly.

You can arrange your furniture as mentioned above or you can also find a better strategy depending upon the nature of your work interest. Vendors providing offshore technical support services or offshore email support services might need a little different furniture and seating arrangement. Talk to some expert office furnishing company and then decide the rest.

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