Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Call Center Outsourcing Pros and Cons - Know them well

Outsourcing is a very common business concept that is excessively implemented in any call center operation in saving cost and effort. Whether its a small unit or any big business establishment, it is always a concern for them to take care of its operational activities through management professionals. Business outsourcing services is a vital dimension of the global outsourcing field in the developed and developing nations such as UK, US, Australia and Europe.

Outsourcing these customer center services, the multinational and growing companies can build a better concentration in their business activities and therefore establish constructive strategy through better client satisfaction methodologies. Through this article, we will discuss some of the Pros and Cons of call center outsourcing. Here it goes.


Firstly, the outsourcing of KPO or BPO services enables a firm to develop their business strategies through a better monitoring process, that are offered by the emerging customer care centers. The relationship with the patrons is established in better quantity. Secondly, there is always a surety of getting any assistance service throughout the clock. Call center operation services enable the users to manipulate time in serving the clients with any detailed information or receiving any query from the client.

The lower workforce cost, reduced operating cost & overheads, higher employee production, reduce cash flow, etc. are some of the crucial factors that are always considered before outsourcing client care services. There is no investments in infrastructure without any predictable and manageable costs. In addition, these outsourcing services also saves a major part of your money that is normally used for manpower and training.

The accelerated pace of technology is a very big factor to be taken care of. Today, various outdated technologies are replaced by advanced technology that changes the business in seconds. In this context, sometimes it may not be possible for an establishment to buy a new technology and train its manpower for smooth operation of their processes. In this case the outsourcing of customer care centers becomes the only solution to save money and time.

In addition, if you outsource these service providers, the productivity is enhanced and customer service gains priority. This will allow you to focus on the betterment of the services and further make you the appropriate choice by the clients in the long run. Last but not the least, there prevails no cost of Human Resource and Management Cost. Better, you invest your capital in other fields of your business operations.


For example, it is very complicated to explain your personal business strategy to a third party. You can't depend upon all their assistance and fetch the feedback, the market is facing with the services you are offering. This factor of. dependency is a big constraint in the business escalation process. Likewise, the absence of direct contact of call center staff with the target marketing staff.

Secondly, it becomes very difficult in the integration process with other internal company functional organization or related applications. Simply it is nothing but can be a 'Communication Breakdown.'

Thirdly, the communication process is always obstructed by language and cultural barriers, as a result of which the turnover rate increases. It is also found that many Call Center Outsourcing companies is deeply involved in selling confidential data. to other companies. This factor can ruin the status and bring downfall to the company in an indirect manner.

Call centers plays a dominant role in helping the organizations to improve their level of business profit. Outsourcing the service industries has become very effective in the last few decades and still in progress though it has some discrepancy. Therefore, its always better to take the positive side and keep moving so that the future is prosperous.

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