Friday, November 19, 2010

The way to tackle the Hurdles in the way of Customer Satisfaction

Here are some quick facts on customer services of corporate industry:

* 89 percent of business owners feel that customer services can be crucial to their business.

* 80 percent of them said that they have been trying hard to woo their customers in rather creative and different way.

* 65 percent of business owners feel that in their organization customer services are seen as a part of business and messing up with this can invite disciplinary action.

* 57% have a senior executive in charge on improving customer experience across products and channels (up from 45% last year).

* More than 50 percent of survey participants think that lack of finances and co-operation are biggest obstacles to the customer services.

At this time, when customers services have become bigger than anything else and come off the age of being just complimentary services, the above mentioned facts present the not the surprising scenario and the importance of customer services for the industries.

We, at Call Center India bring the real life experience to ease out hurdles of customer satisfaction. Call Center India -CCI, is a leading call center offering inbound and outbound call center services. Being a BPO Services means that we have to lay special emphasis on customer services. We have observed that call center agents often encounter problems to retain the quality of services and offer 100 percent resolution.

1) Blind communication

2) Deferment

3) Lack of credibility/ understanding between two parties namely company (agents) and customers.

4) Lack of understanding

And seeing the magnitude of customer problems and its association with the success or failure of an organization, we have derived five organizational laws which could be useful for other BPOs as well:

1) Every communication has a motive and action behind it.
A customer calls in order to get an answer or response. He will only buy your things only if he is convinced and have you been slow or irate, he may think to never visit you.

2) Customer or Individuals are only interested in one thing - Themselves and their interests.
Like companies, customers too are interested in their self-interests. They want to know if talking to you is benefiting and help them to close a good deal.

3) To motivate a customer, you need to be charged up.
An agent is unable to motivate customer to buy a product unless he is passionate about the product. Passion here implies being knowledgeable with products, market and its competition.

4) Employees only do what they think or perceive organization respects.
An employee should be the brand ambassador of company. They should be reflection of the ethics, work culture and quality of the company. It can be happened only if employers or company has been able to give them a level of work satisfaction.

1) Customer services or satisfaction cannot be faked.
This is the crux. This fundamental rule very much explains why outsourcing call center services have boomed. Simply because you cannot fake it. You cannot hire an odd number of persons and start them training over for calling. Along with this, taking a toll free number for customer support won't help either.

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