Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Call Center Customer Satisfaction: Know the Facts

Most of the call centers think they get the point of customer satisfaction programs. Satisfied customers are more likely to stay with the company beyond their contract, use more services, and recommend those services to their friends. However, call centers often fall into the trap of "unprofitable" customer satisfaction, which can result in higher churn and lower margins, costing both the company and shareholders money and negatively impacting the bottom line.

Companies with large call centers can often tell which types of customers are going to leave for a competitor, but how can they stop them and solidify their loyalty? How can those in charge of call center operations sift through reams of customer satisfaction data and charts and turn that into an actionable plan that will generate increased profitability?

Years of practical experience working with call centers in many industries and insight gleaned from academic research on Call Center customer satisfaction have contributed to the principles set forth in this article. Debunking customer satisfaction myths and misunderstandings is more than just a theoretical exercise. Understanding these simple tradeoffs can have a direct impact on the bottom line by increasing both revenues and profitability. Will falling prey to these myths cost your organization and shareholders money?

Customer satisfaction should be maximized and customer expectations should be exceeded.

Call centers need to optimize customer satisfaction, not maximize it. Customer expectations should be met -- not exceeded. It is commendable if a call center exceeds its customers' expectations, but too often, companies try to do so at a great cost to profitability without even realizing it.

For many companies, the most frequent point of interaction between the company and the customer is through the call center. Call centers can be both a point of frustration for the customer and point of opportunity for the company, but the key to a profitable call center is finding the sweet spot where expectations and delivery converge. Minimizing call wait time may require expensive investment in new facilities and additional staff, and exceeding customers' expectations can add significant costs to call center operations.

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