Thursday, April 15, 2010

Call Center Outsourcing Trands

BPO Trends Call Center, staffs answer your telephone, faxes, data information, web inquiries, your mail, and live chat support for your services and included customer service solutions. Call center outsourcing is proving to be one of the most successful ways to boost cost effectiveness. Companies like GE, American Express, Sprint, Dell, AOL, and Amazon illustrate this pattern. After trying call center outsourcing to lower cost locations like India, these and many others Fortune 500 companies have improved cost effectiveness by up to 50-55 percent.

Call center outsourcing has picked up in countries that have a steady, business-friendly government and an improved telecommunications infrastructure, high bandwidth telecom links are available, Toll-free long distance services are allowed and cheaper effort and IT talent.
Call Center Outsourcing Benefits :

* Manpower cost savings of approximately 75-85% .
* Reduced employee attrition, from 60% to approximately 25%.
* Process re-engineering benefits.
* Flexible working hours.
* Availability of mature vendors with the ability to ramp up on demand.
* Availability of skilled and professional manpower at any given time.
* Calling through high-end VOIP infrastructure.

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