Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Call Center Outsourcing

When it comes time for a business to decide on a call center outsourcing provider it can trust, one key element in determining a provider’s ability to deliver successful services is their use of technology.

Examining the providers use of technology closely during the decision making process can uncover if the provider is employing the kinds of technologies and applications that are critical to deliver optimal customer experiences every time.

A recent Forrester report by analyst Elizabeth Herrell (News - Alert) with Simon Yates and Lauren E. Nelson, “Twelve Criteria For Contact Center Outsourcers,” highlights this need and other major considerations when choosing a vendor.

Because call center outsourcing providers are extending their agents to represent the company, it is important to understand how the support these agents are receiving and their ability to deliver quality services.

According to the white paper, it is important to look for a number of applications that should be use to ensure top notch services. These applications range from those that support agent productivity, to improving workforce scheduling, computer telephony integration (CTI (News - Alert)) and other quality monitoring tools.

Other technologies to keep an eye out for include support for automated transactions, IVR and access to reports on the performance and quality of service being provided for the company.

Also a critical consideration for a call center outsourcing is security. When looking for a provider it is vital to ask question like what types of security protocols are being deployed, how is data access being protected and what types of security measures are required for agents.

Keeping these key factors in mind during the evaluation process can help companies to choose a provider that will not only meet their needs, but guarantee success into the future.

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